Novin physiotherapy

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  • Ultrasound 215M

    Maximum continuous power of 2 W / cm² and pulse width of 3 W / cm²
    Ultrasound with the option of choosing a frequency of 1 and 3 MHz

  • Stimulator 688M

    Stimulator with eight fully independent channels
    7inch color and touch screen
    Treatment Modes such as TENS , Faradic , FES
    Normal, FM, CM, WM, SD, RND, Burst, Reciprocal waveforms

  • Magno 915G

    • Magnetic field adjustment up to 1100 Gauss according to the applicator
    • Continuous and pulsed magnetic fields
    • Magnetic field tester for patients
  • Multistim 735X

    Multistim with two fully independent channels
    124protocols preset treatment
    With LOW &Medium frequency

  • Ultrasound 215P

    • Ultrasound device with selective treatment frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz
    • 34 preset treatment protocols
  • Shockwave 360G

    Pneumatic ballistic radial shockwave therapy
    Pressure up to 5 bars and pulse frequency up to 22 Hz
    10inch touchscreen