Smart series

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  • Traction 555C

    3 treatment modes: INTERMITENT, STATIC, HARMONIC

    Traction capacity up to 99 Kg

    10preset treatment protocols

  • Interferential 520P Plus

    Individual output density controllers for each channel
    52preset treatment protocols

  • Stimulator 710P plus

    57preset treatment protocols

    Stimulator device with two fully independent channels

  • Stimulator 620P

    Stimulator with two fully independent channels
    two separate intensity controls for each channel
    62preset treatment protocols
    Lightweight and portable

  • Ultrasound 210P

    Ultrasound device with of 1 MHz treatment frequency
    Continuous and pulsed modes

  • Ultrasound 215P

    • Ultrasound device with selective treatment frequencies of 1 and 3 MHz
    • 34 preset treatment protocols